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Power meter

  • DK6100D Series LCD single phase DC multi-function power meter

DK6100D Series LCD single phase DC multi-function power meter

  • Voltage compatible AC/DC multi-range input, can distribute voltage transformer to expand range; Current compatible AC/DC multi-range input, can distribute current transformer to expand range; Digital filtering, effective filtering interference, eliminating non-critical word hopping; Can realize two relay alarms; 2 transmission and output; Two DI detection (DK61dn does not have this function) Communication function; true RMS measure voltage, current and power, and can measure electric energy. Optional guide rail installation.

    The series includes models DK61H8D, DK6108D and DK6104D.

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Detailed parameters

Model: DK61H8D/DK6108D/DK6104D

Measurement accuracy: + 0.5% (+ 0.3%).

Voltage range: DC500V, DC100V

Current range: DC5A, DC100MV, DC5V

Working power: AC 90~250V (47~63HZ)

Working environment: 0 ~ + 50 C; less than 85%RH

Relay contact capacity: AC220V/5A

Relay contact life: 105 times

Variable output accuracy: 16 bits + 0.2%

Communication: photoelectric isolation RS-485 communication interface

Product features

True RMS algorithm for AC measurement

The measurement of voltage, current, power and electric energy for AC and DC.

It can be widely used in the measurement field of photovoltaic, wind power and new energy vehicles.

Digital liquid crystal display

High precision measurement

Optional MODBUS communication

It can realize 2 ways of relay alarm, 2 way output and two DI detection.

Selection size

Model                           DK61H8A        DK6108A       DK6104A

Outline dimensions      96*48*90mm, 48*96*90mm, 96*96*90mm

Installation dimensions 92*44mm,      44*92mm,      92*92mm,