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Power meter

  • DK6304V three phase true effective value voltmeter
  • DK6304V three phase true effective value voltmeter

DK6304V three phase true effective value voltmeter

  • DK6304V three-phase voltmeter can measure three-phase AC and DC voltage, true RMS measurement, digital display, imported processing chip, more accurate, longer service life.

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Product features

Compatible with input DCV/ACV:500V, 100V, 10V and 1V;

Zero value, full value and decimal point can be set freely.

Display range: -1999~9999;

Multilevel digital filtering effectively eliminates interference and effectively eliminates non critical jumps.

It can realize alarm, control output, transmit output and communication function.

AC true RMS measurement



Photoelectric isolation RS-485 communication interface


Support three way relay output

Other detailed parameters

DC voltage measurement accuracy: + (0.5%+3d)

AC voltage measurement accuracy: + (0.6%+3d)

Response frequency: 50Hz/60Hz automatic switching

DC voltage display range: DC -1999 to 9999

AC voltage display range: 0~9999

Overrun display: "EEEE" or "-EEE".

Working power supply: AC/DC85 ~ 260V 3W

Working temperature: 0 ~ + 50 C; less than 85%RH

Relay contact capacity: AC220V/5A

Relay contact life: 105 times

Variable output accuracy: 16 bits + 0.2%

Communication output: photoelectric isolation RS-485 communication interface

Selection size

Outline size 96*96*112mm

Opening size 92*92mm

Example selection

Instrument type: 2 sizes and sizes. Refer to page first, "outline size and opening size table".

First relay: optional, R and N.

Second way relay: optional, R and N.

Third way relay: optional, R and N.

Variable output type: variable transmission is variable output type, 3 optional, see "send output type".

For example, if 4~20mA is chosen, it will be written as 4MA20, not N.

Communication: communication is S, no N.

Example: Users need to measure (three-phase three-wire system) three-phase AC voltage of 0-380V, and require the upper limit when the measured voltage is higher than 400V.

Police, when the measured voltage is lower than 300V, the lower limit is alerting, and the power supply of the system is AC220V. Data need to be transmitted to the host computer.

Instrument selection: DK6304V-R-R-N-4MA20-S