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DK2600 series

  • Dk2608P dual loop optical communication curve programmable temperature control instrument

Dk2608P dual loop optical communication curve programmable temperature control instrument

  • The process control of 30-segment curve can be realized, and practical functions such as relay action output, 10 sets of limit function and 5 sets of PID call can be realized in 30-segment curve as needed. The complex requirements of curve process control are realized.

    The process controller of this program has dual output control functions of heating and cooling, and can also be used as double loop temperature and humidity control functions. The carbon potential control function in the heat treatment application can be realized by the second input oxygen probe sensor.

    The second auxiliary input channel has the following functions: heater disconnection alarm function, remote DCS remote setting value SV, humidity sensor input, oxygen probe input carbon potential control function.

    The 3 groups of switch and light input can realize flexible switching of various application functions.

    This process controller has 29 kinds of commonly used industrial signal sensor input functions.

    The control output types are: relay, analog linear signal, solid state relay output (transistor), thyristor (which can directly drive electrical equipment under 5 A).

    The program controller has a very convenient man-machine interface design, and the key operation is simple and convenient. The power output indicates the progress bar. When the program curve is executed, it can prompt the current remaining time and the current setting value and so on.

    Program curve local edit input is simple and convenient, with power down maintenance function. Alarm on power off function.

    Adopt advanced control algorithm to adapt to various operating conditions.

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Product features

1. control cycle: 50MS

2. measurement accuracy: 0.1%FS (24 bit AD).

3. sampling rate: 30HZ

4. control output:

Analog signals: 4-20MA (<500 Ohm), 0-20MA, 0-10MA (<1k omega)

Relay: 2A (250V AC)

Solid state relay (transistor): 22V 20MA

SCR: 6A 250V AC

5. LED digital tube: three row display

The first row is PV 5 bit, the second row SV 5 bits, the third row information window 6 bits.

6. signal measurement input impedance: voltage is more than 500K ohm, current is less than 300 ohm, thermocouple is equal to 500K ohm.

7. resistance is measured by three wire system, and the resistance of signal transmission wire is not greater than 10.

8. standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol. Two wire RS485

9. check mode: no check, odd check, even parity.

10. communication speed: 4800, 9600, 19200

11. address range: 1~247

12. equipment power supply: 86~260V AC (47~63HZ)

13. isolation voltage: input, output, power three isolation voltage 2300V AC /1MIN

14. use temperature: 0~45 C

15. storage conditions: temperature -40 C ~80 C, humidity 10%~90%RH

16. external dimensions: 96*96mm (opening size 92*92mm), 48*96mm (opening size 45*92mm)

17.EMC standard: EN61326*

18. safety standards: EN61010 and UL3121

19. protection level: IP66



2 way universal signal input:



Main output: 0- linear output, 1- relay, 2- transistor, 3- SCR.

Linear signal: 0- (4-20MA), 1- (0-10MA), 2- (0-20MA)

It can be connected to 2 outputs.


Photoelectric isolation RS-485 communication interface


2 way relay alarm

Other detailed parameters

Input signal range: 29 common industrial standard signals.

Basic error: 0.2%FS + 1 words.

Measure AD:20 bits, 13SPS

Output DA:12 bits, 100KSPS

Master output: 1 way

Alarm output: 2 routes (2216 for all alarms)

Input impedance: voltage (> 500K), current (< 300_) (external parallel 250_resistance), thermal resistance (< 0.25mA), thermocouple (> 500K)

Output impedance (with load capacity): current less than 500_ (current has special requirements, can achieve 650 Euros, when ordering instructions), relays AC220V/2A, DC30V/1A

Display mode: digital tube

Sampling period: 0.1S (average)

Communication protocol: MODBUS RTU (RS485 interface, two wire system)

Driving distance: 1200 meters

Check mode: no check, odd check, even check.

Baud rate: 4800960019200

Communication data format: one start bit, eight bit data bits, one stop bit.

Supply voltage: AC220V

Isolation voltage: input, output, power three isolation, 2000 V AC 1 minutes.

Working conditions: temperature -20 ~ +50 C, humidity 10% ~ 90%RH

Storage conditions: temperature: -40 ~ +80 C, humidity: 10% ~ 90%RH

Selection size

DK2604P  96*96mm、

DK2608P  96*48mm、

Example selection

Customers need to measure and collect two K-type thermocouple signals, with two alarm outputs, with communication, and the main control outputs two 4-20MA signals. The installation size is 96*96mm.

The selection code is: