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DK2900 series

  • DK2900 Series PID program curve control instrument

DK2900 Series PID program curve control instrument

  • DK2900 series program process controller is an industrial process control instrument designed with the latest measurement and control technology.The use of advanced

    Hardware and software design technology, with high measurement and control precision characteristics.It has the function of power on alarm.

    1. Full screen OVERVIEW display technology, full 5-bit data insight into each process control parameter, maximum display is plus or minus 99999.

    2. Dual MODBUS RTU communication, MODBUS TCP Ethernet communication is optional.Support communication data synchronization function, multi - machine

    Run automatic synchronous SV.It can realize data synchronization control of multiple controllers.

    3. Communication digital control PID can be realized, and one or more digital power controllers can be directly controlled.Realize full digital control.

    4. Communication data supports 16-bit integer standard.When the data range exceeds 16 bits, offset address is adopted to realize 32-bit reshaping

    According to the reading and writing.High precision and full resolution real reading of process control are realized.

    5. 24-bit high-speed multi-channel synchronous data acquisition, 32-bit RISC instruction set industrial-grade microprocessor, anti-interference and fast response.

    6. Control the output refresh rate of 50MS to adapt to the faster control process.

    7. 4-way hard contact alarm output and program end alarm output.9 channels programmable DIO Input-output function, the same IO can be according to

    You need to customize the input or output functions.

    8. Support high and low temperature switching function and redundant switching function of dual-channel sensors.When the sensor fails, it automatically switches to the standby channel.

    9. Dual-channel mathematical operation function, which can realize complex algorithm logic.High precision carbon potential measurement and control function.

    10. 20 curves, each with 50 segments.Supports in-segment loop and program curve loop.

    11. The program curve can be controlled by 9-way switch volume collector open output.Integration of fixed time scale function output mode and program curve

    Time scale function.Flexible configuration as required.Support rate curve mode and classical time mode curve input function.

    12. 10 group PID and 10 group output limiter control.Meet the requirements of various control conditions.

    13. Support analog given and digital remote given functions.

    14. Signal input of 47 industrial standard sensors.Support non - standard signal input, multi - point linearization processing.

    Optional DIN rail mounting version (DK29DN).

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True color IPS TFT full view LCD, full 5 bit, innovative OVERVIEW color changing display technology

Dual MODBUS, optional industrial Ethernet, online communication control, integrated master station full digital PID control

Support 20 process curves, each 50 segments, support in-segment cycle and curve cycle

Support for rate - mode and time - mode curves

10 group pids, group output limping function, suitable for various characteristic loads

Support analog remote control and digital remote control Settings, support heater disconnect alarm function

47 kinds of input signals, support PT1000 input, industrial oxygen probe carbon potential control, dual sensor redundancy

An improved DK PID algorithm is adopted to support PV differentiation and differential preemptive control

Innovative 32-bit RISC instruction set industrial-grade microprocessor, 0.1 level measurement and control accuracy

Support dual sensor high and low temperature switching function.Support user - defined input curve 8 - point correction function

Support 9-way DIO, programmable DI and DO custom input and output functions, and time scale functions
















0 to 80 Ω

0 to 400 Ω

0 to 4000 Ω

0 to 10 mA



0 to 20 mV

0 to 100 mV



0 to 1V


0 to 5V

1 to 5V

0 to 10V

2 to 10V

-5V to +5V


















Master output:




Relay output

Transistor solid state output

Thyristor output

Transmitting output:





Standard Modbus RTU communication protocol

Modbus TCP


4-channels relay alarm output

Other detailed parameters

1. Control cycle: 50mS/100mS

2. Measurement accuracy: 0.1%FS (using 24-bit AD)

3. Sampling rate: 20Hz/10Hz

4. Control output:

Analog Signal: 12 BIT (True DA)

4-20 ma, 0-20ma, 0-10ma, 0-10v, 2-10v, 0-5v, 1-5v

Relay: 2A (250V AC)

Solid state relay (transistor) : 22V 20MA

SCR: 3A 250V AC

5. Display mode: IPS TFT true color liquid crystal

6. Signal input impedance, voltage 500kΩ or higher  (5v, 10v 100kΩ or higher), the current 60Ω or less,

Thermocouple acuity 500kΩ, the carbon potential control of oxygen probe input 50mΩ  or more

7. The resistance shall be measured in three-wire system. The resistance of each wire of the signal transmission wire shall not be greater than 10 Ω 

8.1 Standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol.Two wire RS485

Check mode: no check, odd check, even check

Communication speed: 4800BPS, 9600BPS, 19200BPS

Mailing address range: 1~247.

8.2 Standard MODBUS TCP protocol.

Mailing address: 0-255

Subnet mask: 0-255

Gateway: 0-255

9. Equipment power supply: 86~260V AC (47~63HZ)/DC24V

10. Isolation voltage: the isolation voltage of input, output and power is 2300V AC /1MIN

11. Service temperature: 0~50℃

12. Storage condition: temperature -40℃~80℃;Humidity 10% ~ 90% RH

1. External dimensions: 96*96*130mm(opening size: 92*92mm),

96*48*130mm(hole size 92*45mm),

48*96*130mm(hole size 45*92mm),

165*40*85.1mm (guide rail installation)

14.EMC standard: EN61326*

15. Safety standard: IEC60950-1

16. Protection level: IP66

Power consumption: 12W

Selection size

DK2904: 96*96*130mm (opening size 92*92mm),

DK2908: 96*48*130mm (opening size 92*44mm)

DK29H8: 48*96*130mm (opening size 44*92mm)

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